The £750,000 diamond encrusted iPad from Camaél

By P. Joseph

Camaél, experts in bespoke diamond accessories, have produced the world's ultimate luxury range of diamond encrusted smartphones – including an iPad costing £750,000.

The collections, which includes customised iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods, car key fobs and iPads, are hand crafted by a select team of highly skilled craftsmen with decades of experience in working with diamonds and precious stones.

Amongst the lavish items is the Camaél iPad, which features a kilo of 18 carat gold, and over 300 carat flawless diamonds, encrusted on the home button and the back with black diamonds. Prices for the iPad start at £90,000.

Camael's Melissa Clarke said: "The ability to have created a truly unique piece for every individual client is proving a huge draw.

“Although our most expensive item is the £750,000 iPad, we are already getting enquiries about customising that!"

Every stone on each product is individually inserted before being independently inspected and certified by a leading accredited jeweller.

By P. Joseph