The "Bugatti Edition" Mechanised Belt - From Roland Iten

By P. Joseph

Roland Iten, makers of luxury mechanical accessories for men, have teamed up with Bugatti Automobiles to design a limited-edition version of their mechanised trouser buckle.

Already known for their mechanised buckles, which can be manually customized to any size, the Swiss-based company have created a special edition which have been handcrafted, polished and assembled by R Magnin Bijouterie, a renowned watch-maker in Geneva, Switzerland.

Limited to 22 units, each belt uses a patented system of over 108 moveable, mechanical, roller bearings, plates and levers to create the unique belt.

Whilst regular belts come in lengths of 90, 100, 110 or 120cm, Roland Iten’s mechanical buckles can be adapted to suit the size of the wearer.

The Bugatti Edition belt is currently on display on the Bugatti Stand at the 81st Salon International de l’Auto et Accessoires Geneve, in Geneva, Switzerland, which runs until March 19.

By P. Joseph