The Audi Designed Foosball Table

By B. Roberts

The ultimate in luxury pastime design has arrived from the leading German car manufacturer, Audi. The automotive company recently announced the production of a classic gaming platform, The Audi Foosball Table.

Presented by Audi in 2008, the design concept for their take on the classic foosball table has now been sent for production. Audi have been working closely with the specialist table soccer manufacturer, Leonhart, who have been building the tables since 1949.

The table, which is reportedly up to professional tournament standards, features the textbook 22 players and green field. However, the wooden core has been surrounded with brushed aluminium and high strength plastic, which features curving lines to create a contemporary look.

Wolfgang Egger, Head of Audi Group Design, said: “It’s an attractive task to transfer our cars’ design language to other day-to-day articles, and the results are often surprising!”

The Audi Designed Foosball Table will be produced in a limited series of just 20 units at a price of €12,900.

By B. Roberts