The Aviator Chair by David Catta

By Paul Joseph

Canadian designer David Catta has created a hand-crafted, limited-edition chair containing an exotic mix of materials including polished wood, aluminium, steel and polyester fibre.

Limited to just five pieces, the Aviator Chair boasts multiple layers of wood lamination that needed over 300 hours of work to put together.

Mr Catta says that the chair captures three key design elements; sculpture, comfort and vintage aviation.

“With the Aviator series, I aspire to create an industrial sculpture evocative of early aviation that is functional, yet engages the viewer to embark on a journey,” he said.

“A journey to explore its seductive curvilinear shape, the handcrafted technical details that become visible through a slow walk-around, and the inner workings and subtleties that are revealed through the semi-transparent suspension fabric.”

The chair’s material composition includes hand-formed, polished aluminum, laminated hardwood, polymeric suspension fabric and steel underpinnings

The price of an Aviator Chair ranges between £7,800 and £12,500.

By Paul Joseph