The Blue Danube by Grieb & Benzinger

By Paul Joseph

When high-end German watch-maker Grieb & Benzinger released the Blue Danube timepiece in early 2012, it instantly became one of the world’s heaviest and most complex platinum watches ever created.

Now the luxury watch brand has released an exclusive video showcasing how the unique timepiece, which is the only model of its type, was made.

Featuring a movement originally created by Patek Philippe for Tiffany in the late 19th century and boasting 400 individual parts, the watch has a diameter of only 36.5mm.

The unique skeletonized minute repeater split-seconds chronograph comes with a blue platinum coated base plate – a signature element of all Grieb & Benzinger platinum watches.

Launched in February, the Blue Danube was one of three platinum watches unveiled by Grieb & Benzinger at a private ceremony in Singapore, along with the Blue Whirlwind, and Blue Sensation – all with a total value of $1.5 million.

The Grieb & Benzinger Blue Danube timepiece is priced at $450,000.

By Paul Joseph