The Blue Sensation Timepiece from Greib & Benzinger

By B. Roberts

Based on the historic Patek Phillipe for Tiffany movement, Greib & Benzinger have presented a unique horological master piece; The Blue Sensation.

Hermann Grieb, watchmaking artisan and one of three partners of Grieb Benzinger, has presented the historical, rare chronograph movement made in 1889 by Patek Phillipe and delivered to Tiffany in 1890. Due to the high demand of special chronographs on the luxury market, the German specialists in high-end collector’s pieces have created a new unique timepiece in solid platinum based on an historical icon.

Grieb & Benzinger are artisans in construction and specialists in the restoration and modification of minute repeaters that are generally considered horological masterpieces. The construction of this watch and the intense workmanship associated with the skeletonization and guilloché as well as the technical modifications of plates and bridges, took longer than any other minute repeater they had encountered.

The Blue Sensation luxury timepiece features a skeletonized dial with a rare Breguet frosted finish, finished with classic Grieb & Benzinger style and unequivocally shows the connoisseur the technical prowess needed to turn such a masterpiece into a regulator – the only split-second skeletonized regulator chronograph on the market.

With a 46mm diameter, this timepiece is not only a high-end luxury statement but weighing over 150 grams; it is once again the heaviest platinum watch in the world. This unique and historic timepiece is perfect for the connoisseur, listed at an asking price of €197,000.

By B. Roberts