The Bugatti Belt Buckle by Roland Iten

By Paul Joseph

Roland Iten, designer of mechanical luxury accessories for men, has teamed up once again with French car makers Bugatti to create a new lavish, limited edition belt buckle.

Limited to just 44 units, each belt is crafted out of precious materials, including 18-karat rose gold, titanium, steel and smoked sapphire crystals.

The piece was made by a Geneva-based boutique run by Roland Iten who uses Swiss watch-making equipment to craft exquisite belt buckles. Unlike normal buckles that use the notches on a belt, Roland Iten-designed creations are mechanically adjustable to allow for a precise fit around the waistline.

As explained in a press release, “There are five gears in total that allow the fine-tuning calibration of the belt from 0-22 mm.

"A rolling click calibration lock complication, a vertical rotating friction controlled pin and a mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip all demonstrate the incredible mechanical savoir-faire that is hiding under the smoked sapphire crystals and Côtes de Genève decoration.”

The Calibre R22 Mark I Bugatti Edition belt buckles are each available priced at nearly $84,000.

By Paul Joseph