The BW-Air Jetpack: Golfing's Ultimate Innovation

By Ben Roberts

Golf is returning to the Olympic Games this year, and to celebrate, Oakley and two-time Masters winner Bubba Watson have raised the bar in terms of entertainment, ease and excitement on the fairway with the BW-Air Jetpack.

The BWA-Air is the next stage of evolution in Golf, bringing a different type of technology to the greens after the collaboration launched the first golf Hovercraft last year.

Making history once again, and going someway to rid luxury courses of carts and caddies, the BW-Air Jetpack literally flies you and your clubs across any terrain in search of your ball.

Based on the Martin Jetpack, the BW-Air is equipped with a bespoke rotary 210 horsepower engine that allows for the altitude of 3,000ft with air speeds of up to 46mph. It holds all of the typical amenities required for a good round of golf, with space for your clubs, water and scorecards.

After three years of collaboration with Martin Aircraft Company, the world leader in jetpack development and commercialization, Bubba and Oakley’s shared vision to create the most technically advanced golf cart in the world is ready for the world to see and experience.

Martin Aircraft’s technology has been in development for 25 years by a team of designers and other experts from around the globe. .

Of course, this is not only an innovation taking golf to new heights, but something that requires proper training… just think of the emergency maneuvers required to dodge an inbound Titleist.

By Ben Roberts