The C-Explorer 5 Submarine by U-Boat Worx

By Paul Joseph

Amongst the array of stunning vessels on display at the Monaco Yacht Show in September was a new submersible created by Dutch submarine manufacturer U-Boat Worx.

Billed by its makers as “the world’s first subsea limousine”, the C-Explorer 5 has been designed primarily for use by yacht owners and for guest recreation at luxury resorts.

Fully air conditioned, the submersible can accommodate four passenger as well as a pilot, and can descend to a maximum depth of 300 metres and reach a top speed of 3 knots.

It features a pressurized acrylic and steel hull, and its high capacity lithium-ion batteries enable it to operate for 8 hours at a time, with the option of upgrading to 16.

Additional features that can also be purchased with the C-Explorer 5 include an external manipulator arm, imaging sonar, LED lights, an HD video camera, and a tethered remote-operated vehicle for venturing into smaller areas.

Developed over the past two years, the C-Explorer 5 is now available priced at €1.9 million (£1.52 million).

By Paul Joseph