The Diamond Encrusted Knife that can be yours for $150k

By Paul Joseph

For those who like to add a dash of panache to their home, how about purchasing a $150,000 platinum knife?

Called the Platinum Mamba, the knife comes adorned with glittering diamonds and a stunning platinum-coated body and is touted as being harder than any steel knife ever created.

The piece is the result of a collaboration between Rob Bianchin, Founder & CEO of Cabot Guns, and Alessandro Colombatto, director of Sandrin Knives and a second-generation tungsten carbide artisan.

It is named after the dangerous and exotic species of Mamba snake and features 320 diamonds at 14.17 karats. It was crafted using high-quality Wyoming black jade and tungsten carbide, a chemical compound that gives it the hardness of HRC71.

Speaking about the knife, Mr Colombatto said, “The desire to possess an object that’s as rare, beautiful, and yes, useful as the Platinum Mamba is deeply embedded in the human soul; it’s an instinct that’s existed since the dawn of man.

“The real idea was to produce a single record-breaking knife that embodied a journey into the art and science of knife making.”

A single piece of the uber-luxe Platinum Mamba wife will cost $150,000 and can be purchased via an online application to Sandrin Knives.

By Paul Joseph