The $12,000 Mangrove Chair Creates Eco-Awareness

By P. Joseph

Fine furniture and design company Veraseri Designs have created a unique sculptured chair inspired by the disappearance of the world’s mangrove ecosystems.

Billed as “bringing nature indoors”, the Mangrove chair is handcrafted using 90 per cent recycled materials, including yellow pine, steel pipe, resin and sand.

Designed by Adam Krehbiel, the chair is the first in a series of sculptural works from Veraseri Designs in which niche design is combined with high function and stand-alone balance.

Currently over one-fifth of the worlds mangrove ecosystems have been lost since 1980. The company hope the novel chair will serve to generate awareness as well as celebrate natural beauty.

Priced at $12,000, a proportion of sales will go to ecosystem conservation programmes.

By P. Joseph