The $120,000 Aida Speakers from Sonus Faber

By Paul Joseph

Leading Italian audio company Sonus Faber has created a new speaker system billed as offering the grandiosity of a “Guiseppe Verdi opera”.

Priced at $12,000 a pair, the Aida Speakers feature a unique ‘lyre’ shape which is said to significantly increase the structural strength of the system and guarantees excellent management of the energy produced inside it.

Perhaps the major innovation in the 3.5 way floor speakers is found in the hybrid suspension called ‘Bow Spring’, that uses a ‘crossbow’ drawn to flexing point and elastomer with progressive yielding, in order to reduce spurious resonance and acoustic feedback

Other notable features include an anti-vibrational axle in non-magnetic alloy steel which binds the internal spaces for the frontal-main emission drivers, a ‘Tuned Mass Damper’ which is designed to handle dispersion and spurious vibrations, and a ‘Stealth Reflex’, which provides important advantages in terms of extension and reduction of low frequency distortion.

Founded in Italy in 1983, Sonus Faber has grown to become one of the world’s most highly regarded audio makers.

By Paul Joseph