The $120,500 Morphosis Watch Winding Cabinet

By Paul Joseph

German design company Kudoe, Schli & Matz has created its latest watch winding cabinet with space for up to 42 watches.

The Morpohosis cabinet follows the launch last year of the brand’s Gigantis watch winding unit, though the latest model is significantly smaller.

Each of the watches, which are spread across two separate columns, can be individually programmed for rewinding, as well as simply being stored for security.

Boasting a brush finished stainless steel body, the cabinet and the watches inside can be controlled via a touch-screen panel on the top. As well as its functional purposes, the cabinet is also a visually striking ornament, with the timepieces visible from the outside.

For the body finishing, customers have the option of several fabrics including fur skin and leather.

The Morpohosis watch winding cabinet is priced at around $120,500, depending on customization.

By Paul Joseph