The $150,000 OneDof Gold Turntable

By Paul Joseph

A NASA award-winning aerospace engineer has designed a luxury turntable featuring real gold.

The OneDof turntable (short for One Degree of Freedom) is the work of Aleks Bakman, and also includes several innovative technical features – the result of which is “a first in turntable history”, according to its creators.

As well as its gold components, the high-end audio equipment features non-resonant liquid suspension that enables external noise cancellation.

The turntable's noise cancelling drive is based on the Texas Instruments microprocessor, combining Swiss craftsmanship with American engineering.

Furthermore, the bearing of the device uses a vertical centred platter rotation format, which results in almost zero-vibration inside the device’s cylinder.

The OneDof turntable is priced at $150,000 (£95,000).

By Paul Joseph