The $19,600 Horn Speakers from Ring Audio

By Paul Joseph

Croatian manufacturers of high-end speakers, Ring Audio, have created a range of horn speakers featuring an array of different finishes.

Priced at $19,600 each, the new speakers are available in several exotic fabrics including natural wood grains and composite materials, as well as contrasting colours such as piano black and white.

Rather than being merely functional, Ring Audio believes that the speakers’ unconventional appearance gives them the quality of an art piece, ideal to be placed almost as an ornament in the home or a creative space.

The speakers are can produce rumbling deep bass up to 35Hz, despite their small 4-inch drivers. Additionally, this level of performance can be achieved with only 10W of power, making them compatible with tube amplifiers, as opposed to most non-horn-type models which require significantly more power.

Primarily known for its horn speakers, Ring Audio also produces subwoofers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, cables and other accessories.

By Paul Joseph