The $190,000 Flying Hovercraft by Hammacher Schlemmer

By Paul Joseph

US Retail giants Hammacher Schlemmer have created a flying hovercraft capable of reaching speeds of up to 70mph in the air

Designed as a toy for superyacht owners, the Flying Hovercraft is able to fit 3 adult passengers (660-lbs of total weight) and is propelled skywards by its 130 HP twin cylinder gasoline engine and its integrated wings.

Additionally, the vehicle’s 1,100 rpm 34-inch fan helps to pump in the air required for the vinyl coated nylon skirt to inflate, thus enabling it to travel on surfaces including swamps, mud, grass, ice, and even sand.

It boasts a wood and carbon composite structure, ensuring that it remains light as well as sturdy, with an upper half sporting a yellow shade and a lower end in carbon black.

This Flying Hovercraft by Hammacher Schlemmer is priced at $190,000 (£117,000).

By Paul Joseph