The $34,000 Ascona Turntable from Acoustic Signature

By Paul Joseph

Acoustic Signature, high-end makers of solid aluminium turntables, have launched a new turntable to mark the German brand’s 15th anniversary.

Priced at $34,000, the Ascona turntable weighs a giant 80kg thanks to its use of 50mm of thick solid aluminium. Its makers say such a heavy weight is essential for creating a resonance free platter with perfect rotation and stability.

Designed by Acoustic Signature’s CEO Gunther Frohnhöfer, the turntable also features several carefully engineered solid brass silencer inserts, a carbide ball at the base and self-lubricating bronze inserts.

The Ascona is available with two tone arm configurations, either in silver or black anodized finish.

Acoustic Signature was founded in Germany in 1997.

By Paul Joseph