The $35,000 Armadillo161 Bracelet from Rogue DZN

By P. Joseph

California-based jewellery maker Rogue DZN has created a stunning titanium-made men’s bracelet.

The Armadillo161 bracelet is made of the titanium aerospace class G5, the metal used in the manufacturing of the eminent multi-role jetfighter F22 Raptor.

Named after the amount of individual parts contained in the bracelet, the Armadillo161’s titanium composition required 400 consecutive machine hours to arrive at its final form.

Each link of the bracelet comprises of eight individual machine cut pieces, separately serial numbered and painted.

Other notable features include an off-set angled clasp with a captured thumbscrew, allowing for easy opening and closing. The secondary thumb screws integrated into the latch are mini-wrenches designed to adjust the size of the bracelet in order to fit the user’s wrist.

Currently available via the Rogue DZN website, the Armadillo161 Bracelet will also soon be available via several vendors across the world, priced at $35,000.

By P. Joseph