The $35,000 Sea Cabana from ParrLuxe

By Paul Joseph

Yacht owners wanting to give their guests the option to indulge in off-board relaxation can now do so by investing in a portable sea cabana.

Designed by New York-based company ParrLuxe, the cabana is intended as a solution to the problem of guests on large boats having to walk up several levels to sunbathe and then down the same levels to swim.

Offering space for around 20 people, the cabana inflates in around 15 minutes and comes complete with wraparound sitting, a stainless steel ladder with teak steps, and a strong carbon-fibre canopy frame.

The craft also offers a natural swimming-pool option, thanks to a net-covered hole in the floor that lets in sea water, keeping sea creatures and jellyfish at bay.

Additionally, the cabana can also be tethered behind the boats, ensuring they are firmly secured – ideal if being used by children.

The Sea Cabana is available in a range of colours, including black, white and turquoise, priced at £24,200 ($35,000).

By Paul Joseph