The $42,000 Boat with an On-Board Hot Tub

By Paul Joseph

A Seattle-based marine carpenter that specialises in custom house boats has designed a boat fitted with an 8-foot hot tub on its deck.

Built to accommodate up to six adults, the sixteen-foot Hut Tub Boat has a top speed of five miles per hour and runs via a steerable 24-volt electric motor controlled by a small joystick.

However its most striking function is unquestionably the hot tub that lends the impression the boat is sinking, but in fact allows users to relax in hot water whilst in the confines of a moving boat.

A diesel-powered boiler with an adjustable thermostat heats the hot tub’s water to a maximum temperature of 104° F.

Other notable features include a water-proof speaker system that plays music through flush-mounted 5-watt speakers that pop-up from the deck, a teak swim-step that provides easy access on and off the boat, and built-in ice chests for storage.

Additionally, the vessel’s rechargeable battery bank provides up to 10 hours of power from an overnight charge using a built-in Smart Plug shore power connection and on-board chargers.

The Hut Tub Boat is priced at $42,000.

By Paul Joseph