The Enhanced Bentley Continental Supersports from Anderson Germany

By B. Roberts

The Continental Supersports, the most powerful car Bentley has ever produced, has now been fully modified and enhanced by prestigious tuning house, Anderson Germany.

Presenting a new series of modifications, Anderson Bentley will turn the most powerful Bentley into the ultimate Supersports. The Bentley Continental features a 621-horsepower twin-turbo W12 engine whereas the new and improved Anderson Germany will offer an impressive total output of 685 horsepower.

Fitted with custom 22” alloy wheels, an enviable interior and an astonishing custom made body kit, Anderson Germany have unveiled the super-charged alter-ego of the Bentley Continental.

The kits are also designed to fit the standard Continental GT, GTC and Speed models. Only 300 of the Anderson Germany Continental kits will be produced, making these Continental Supersports a true limited edition. 

By B. Roberts