The F Series from St Martin Powerboats

By Paul Joseph

For the price of a personal watercraft, fun-seeking aqua-enthusiasts can now indulge their passion for performance and still remain dry.

St Martin Powerboats of Ohio USA manufactures the "F" Series line of Mini Speed boats. Ranging in size from a very compact 11' to 15' in length, these outboard powered boats mirror styling reminiscent of a traditional Cigarette or Scarab vessel.

With speeds of up to 60mph, the boats may be small but their performance is not. The unique “V” hull styling is not just for looks, with each hand-made mini speed boat ocean capable so owners can enjoy a day on the water even in choppy environments.

In recent times, Mini Speedboat rental sites have been appearing in popular spots, with rave reviews from novice and veteran boaters alike. As an alternative to Personal Watercrafts, these boats offer several advantages, such as keeping the renter dry, allowing one to cruise beside a companion and less maintenance.

For fans of Harley-Davidsons, St Martin Powerboats has created the world’s first boat powered by a Harley-Davidson Crate Motor. This patented technology allows an off the shelf Harley-Davidson motor to be used in a marine environment.

The first 50 limited edition F-15 boats powered by Harley-Davidson are scheduled to be available in 2012.

By Paul Joseph