The Green Samba: A New Eco-Friendly, Fast Personal Water Craft

By B. Roberts

For those who enjoy the heart-racing speed of a high-quality superyacht toy, the ‘Green Samba’ personal watercraft (PWC) is something to be excited about.

The Green Samba PWC was designed by the Ohio based Silveira Group. In a compact and agile design comes a tour de force of power and speed, utilising noiseless twin direct drive electric propulsion pods to reach around 65mph at top speed.

Fuelled by on board batteries, the Samba XRS is a lightweight, carbon fibre, ultra manoeuvrable, zero emission PWC. According to the Silveira Group, the superyacht toy is also the fastest personal watercraft commercially available.

The Green Samba is expected to be ready for August this year. The Silveira Group plans to customise the watercraft for marine and environmental research groups, due to its low noise levels, and for the consumer market, for those who enjoy the adventure of a fast superyacht toy.

By B. Roberts