The Heritage and Skill of Chow Tai Fook

By Ben Roberts

Chow Tai Fook is a brand synonymous with the luxury lifestyle and one of China’s biggest high-end retail jewellery and ornamental designers. We spoke with Shirley Fan, Branch Manager of the Visun Royal Yacht Club arm of Chow Tai Fook to find out more about how a 507 diamond set in motion a new generation of luxury in China.

After Chow Tai Fook emerged in 1929, the world of jewellery in China exploded with sophisticated designs and high-quality jewellery. In 2010, a new generation of diamond was brought on board after the bid for a 507 Cullinan Diamond for $35.3m dollars.

Since then Chow Tai Fook’s diamond service has gone from strength to strength, with a new collaboration with Alrosa of Russia put in place in 2012 to continue the steady flow of flawless diamonds.

However, the collections of gold and gilded ornaments are seemingly endless and sate the appetite of an ever-increasing high-net-worth individual market. Watch the above video in full for more information on the world of Chow Tai Fook.

By Ben Roberts