The HT Lux Wine Cellar from Sand & Birch and Ellemme

By B. Roberts

Sand & Birch and Ellemme have collaborated to introduce the latest in their collection of wine chillers for the more discerning wine connoisseur.

The latest offering from the prestigious collaboration of Sand & Birch and Ellemme is known as the HT Lux, the new and advanced Wine Cellar. The HT Lux is a tall, rectangular oak and maple wine cellar featuring stainless steel, glass, UV and LED lighting with space for around 70 bottles on removable shelves.

Designed by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro, the HT Lux Wine Cellar is an advanced element created to appeal to a wider audience of wine lovers. After creating the widely sought after Winebag and Opale Wine Cellars, the Italian design studio Sand & Birch have created something beautiful with Ellemme.

With a simple and classic design the HT Lux combines taste, luxury and technology; perfect for any surroundings. The HT Lux is an ultimately stylish wine cellar which no wine connoisseur can go without.

By B. Roberts