The i-sopod - The ultimate relaxation experience

By B. Roberts

As we all may be aware, stress will always play a part in our lives; however a new method of relaxation has emerged. Floatworks have designed and created a profound and deep relaxation experience with the i-sopod.

After sixteen years of industry experience and three years in development, manufacturers at Floatworks in the UK have constructed the worlds most cutting edge floatation system.

The i-sopod was hand built by skilled craftsmen from the superyacht industry, using the highest grade lighting, audio and engine components alongside a hand finished high-grade GRP structure.

The i-sopod is a work of extremely high-quality, featuring precision robotic cutting for mould making process, the use of the finest components with double skinned construction throughout with a large air cavity between the interior and exterior. The i-sopod induces deep relaxation and rest, reducing muscle soreness, back pain and improves sleep.

When the i-sopod’s interior light switch is pressed, the underwater LED set slowly fades in, producing inviting electric blue tones with a wealth of other mesmerising light shows available to suit your mood. Running with consistent quality, the latest LED spa lamps are reliable and energy efficient, which could last an astonishing 20 years.

To add another element of customised relaxation, the i-sopod comes with a stereo-sound system via a built in MP3 player or SD card reader, using the latest transducer technology. Beside the option of music, the i-sopod features a digital control unit which enables various automatic processes to be adjusted to suit individual requirements such as session length, music timing, disinfection and cleaning.

With a floatation area 50% bigger than most other tanks on the market, the i-sopod is about quality and comfort, allowing you float weightlessly on a liquid bed of soothing supersaturated Epsom salt solution. The perfect escape from the complications which come with every day life.

Each tank is hand finished to customers’ specifications, choosing colours to fit with the décor of your home or yacht or even to incorporate a company logo.

By B. Roberts