The Icon Series by Jacob Jensen Design

By P. Joseph

The Icon Series by Danish design studio Jacob Jensen is a collection of watches featuring many of the brand’s signature hallmarks, including clean lines, sharp edges and black-and-silver contrasts.

Boasting polished and matte steel and a sapphire crystal lens, the collection is billed as being both practical, stylish and innovative. The timepieces are available in different designs for both women and men.

Chief Designer, Timothy Jensen, son of the company’s founder Jacob, said: “The Icon Series has a distinctive Jacob Jensen Design look, but at the same time expresses a very modern idea of what a watch is.”

He added: “We are surrounded by mobile phones, computers and all sorts of electronic gadgets that tell us the time. Nevertheless, the watch has survived, is still going strong, because together with its function, it’s also an accessory, a piece of jewellery, an aesthetic statement.

“We were very aware of this when we designed the Icon Series, and for that reason it was important to us to get back to some of the core values of our design – values that have remained solid and relevant for many years.”

Other notable features include a a stainless steel Swiss-made Movement, and a characteristic cross on the dial, the crown and the clasp.

Jacob Jensen Design boasts several modern design classics on its CV, and has won a number of international design prizes for its creations. The company was established by Jacob Jensen in Hejlskov, Denmark, in 1958, before being passed down to his son, Timothy, in 1990.

The Icon Series watches are priced between €695 (£603) and €795 (£689).

By P. Joseph