The Icon Sheene: The World's Most Expensive Road Bike

By B. Roberts

The world’s most powerful and expensive production road bike, The Icon Sheene, is an expertly crafted vehicle which produces a top speed of 200mph; all for £107,000.

Making its debut at the famous Goodwood hill climb, the British designed and built Icon Sheene is a standing tribute to the late motorcycle racing legend, Barry Sheene.

After almost five years in design and development, Icon Motorcycles have created a vehicle of such mechanical power, complexity and exclusivity, strictly only 52 models are to be made in order to commemorate each year of Barry Sheene’s life.

The Lightweight bodywork is made of hand-laid carbon fibre, while each of the four-cylinder 1400cc turbocharged engines are to be hand-assembled and individually track and bench tested prior to delivery.

The Icon Sheene stands testament to high-quality British automotive construction, holding a tubular aluminium frame and a tank crafted from hand-beaten aluminium which takes the best part of a month to create.

The Icon Sheene is the new breed of ultra-bike, featuring a modern and high-octane design which only hints at the bikes true power and speed.

By B. Roberts