The Jewel-Covered Signature Precious from Vertu

By P. Joseph

Luxury mobile phone maker Vertu has announced a new addition to its signature range – the Signature Precious.

Already featuring the Signature Stainless Steel and Signature Pure Black, the new model is crafted from precious metals and meticulously sourced and finished gemstones

The keys on the front are made using sapphire, whilst the patented keypad uses 4.75 carat solid ruby bearings that are designed so that they don’t touch the sapphire keys, resulting in zero friction and a satisfying click.

The phone also comes with three month’s complimentary use of Vertu’s exclusive concierge service – activated via a button on the side - which offers users their own personal lifestyle manager, as well as other functions including unique city guides.

Other features include a solid gold SIM tray, an elegant desk stand, and ringtones composed by Academy Award winning composer Dario Marianelli and then performed by the London Symphonic Orchestra.

Underneath the precious metal and gems are standard 3G features and functions such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an OLED display.

The price of the Signature Precious is yet to be announced. Other Vertu models range between around $3,500 and $83,000.

By P. Joseph