The Kawasaki Ultra 260X High Speed Superyacht Toy

By B. Roberts

The Kawasaki Ultra 260X is another in a long line of successfully high octane personal watercrafts. This impressivley fast Jet Ski can produce a top speed of around 68mph and easily tops the market standard horsepower.

Since the release of their first Jet Ski in the early 70s, Kawasaki has consistently bettered themselves on the personal watercraft market to release faster, bigger and meaner machines than ever before.

Kawasaki developed the 260X from subtle tweaks based on the 250X version, adding more acceleration through four-in-line motors and spectacular handling with high levels of comfort. For increased speed, the Kawasaki 260X has been fitted with a Supercharger and Intercooler-equipped engine with an in-house designed Smart-steering system and splash deflectors for ease of riding.

The Kawasaki Ultra 260X measures 132.7 inches with a 47 inch beam, offering plenty of space and stability whilst you power comfortably through the water. The Jet Ski is built for situations ranging from carving through clear blue waters to venturing into deeper depths after modifications from the 250X gave the vessel more range.

Superyachts for sale or charter usually offer a variety of luxury toys and tender as standard, ranging from Ribs, diving equipment, water skis and floats; however it takes another breed of machine to complete the full spectrum of entertainment on the water.

Boasting an amazing 260 horsepower, this intimidating marine machine gives you the perfect boost of intense speed on any luxury cruise. Released in 2010, the Kawasaki Ultra 260X is available on the market for $11,999.

By B. Roberts