The Legacy Machine 2 Titanium Edition by MB&F

By Paul Joseph

Since being established by Maximilian Büsser in in 2005, avant-garde Swiss watchmakers MB&F have constantly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of horology.

One of their most renowned models is the Legacy Machine 2, which first launched in 2013 and has since been released in in red gold, white gold, and platinum. Part of the Legacy Machine series, if features two independent balances, linked by a differential to produce a single averaged rate for the two balances.

Now comes the titanium edition, a grade 5 titanium-cased model with a blue-green dial, strictly limited to just 18 pieces – and it could very well be the most impressive version yet.

The watch's striking bluish-green face is obtained thanks to a technique called ‘chemical vapour deposition’, while the rounded profiles of the watch’s arching balance wheel bridges impart a softer aesthetic than the original LM2 models.

Other notable features of this special edition model include a polished bezel that visually slims the elegant case, making it a full one millimetre slimmer than those of its predecessors. Meanwhile the high-tech titanium alloy, also used in aerospace and medical applications, offers a perfect blend of strength and lightness.

The Legacy Machine 2 Titanium is priced at $138,000. It will be on display at the forthcoming Baselworld watch fair in Switzerland – where the MB&F story began.

By Paul Joseph