The LINK hotel: Redefining Hospitality with Digital Art

By Paul Joseph

LINK hotel & hub, a new and innovative hotel concept in Israel has opened its doors to the public, targeting professional millennials through an urban digital approach, which integrates Tel Aviv street art and a digital hotel experience.

Located on Tel Aviv's King Saul Avenue, the hotel is at the centre of the city's business district, close to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Acting as a link between the hotel and the city, the LINK integrates physical and digital hotel services, creating an innovative customer experience for millennial tourists and modern business travellers looking to experience the city.

Curated by Daniel Siboni, internationally known for his multimedia work in combining street art and photography, he tapped into the unique creativity of the Tel Aviv street art and graffiti scene to create an engaging hotel ambiance.

Each of the 10 hotel floors in the hotel is dedicated to a different street artist, whose work also decorates the guest rooms, hub, and other public spaces. Supporting the local art community, the LINK also acts as a gallery, where the work showcased can be purchased via the innovative LINKApp.

The hotel has also introduced self-service technology and a dedicated hub offering coworking spaces, kitchen & bar and entertainment. AII the hotel services are implemented through the LINKApp, which offers guests immediate control via the touch of a smartphone button.

"We've eliminated many procedures typical of traditional hotels: there are no cash transactions, our service crew is comprised of over 50  spoken languages and operates on a 24/7 basis where everyone does everything" says Ron Federmann, Head of Development at LINK hotel & hub.

"Through the LINKApp we're aiming to offer guests a new way to connect with the physical service of the hotel and the city, while also enhancing the upbeat and urban spirit of Tel Aviv."

The LINK hotel & hub is an innovative social hotel is owned and operated by lsrael's leading hospitality brand, Dan Hotels, 

By Paul Joseph