The Liquid Dial Timepiece from Artya

By S. Liu

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Artya are set to launch a distinctive timepiece boasting a dial that looks to be covered with a layer of ice and snow.

Due to be unveiled at the forthcoming BaselWorld 2011 luxury watch fair, the Artpiece 1/1 Liquid dial is embellished with real, free-moving liquid.

Designed by Master horologist Yvan Arpa, renowned for his bold and unconventional timepieces, the material and technique used to create the effect are said to be unique.

A combination of acrylic paint and a special varnish ensures the mixture never dries, creating the impression of moving liquid.

Artya says that the material complies “100%” to watchmaking standards and has been proofed and tested by independent watchmakers to secure nothing will escape or damage the movement.

The timepiece is presented on a hand-sewn strap produced from high-tech rubber combined with processed “Alzavel waterproof” fabric.

Other stand-out features include the watch’s case which is sculptured from steel with satin-finished or black PVD-coated surface.

BaselWorld will take place from March 24 – 31.

By S. Liu