The Luxury Bucket List: Top 5 Destinations


During such uncertainty and instability brought about by COVID-19, the world has had to readjust to new government legislations surrounding freedom of travel globally. However, here at, where luxury travel remains permanently on our radar, we have put together the luxury bucket list destinations post COVID-19.

For UAE Glamour-Abu Dhabi & Dubai
Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE and it's dazzling counterpart Dubai, offer all the magic and wander anyone could ask for. With Abu Dhabi offering an authentic slice of Arabian hospitality and Dubai, a modern metropolis boasting the highest building in the world, there is a something for everyone across both destinations. Unknown to most, the region's natural rural beauty (think picturesque mangroves perfect for kayaking at sunset) and breathtaking beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, blends awe-inspiring backdrops with cultural landscapes ensuring you experience total immersion into UAE living. With experience travel on the rise, Abu Dhabi's luxury hotels and bespoke activities ensure no day is ever the same. Whether bashing desert sand dunes by day, to private dining by melting sunsets in a candle lit sanctuary by night, Abu Dhabi reserves all of its treasures for guests looking for something that special touch. Then there is Dubai, the action-packed playground with the allure of high-fashion malls, Michelin star dining and beguiling city scape that snatches you into a new, futuristic century, where everything is as glittering as it seems. Yes, the perfect pie of the UAE, ancient authenticity and modern living can be achieved, on your bucket list journey to Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Read's luxury destination guide for Abu Dhabi on 

For the Rustic and the Rural- Montenegro 
Montenegro, a fairytale setting so enchanting it is as if it has been plucked out of a postcard, is a real gem of the Eastern Mediterranean. The less assuming neighbour of Croatia (once joined as part of ex-Yugoslavia), boasts a an intimate, untouched natural landscape offering luxury hideouts wrapped up in ancient allure. The country's rich history feels as present to day than it has ever been, and is part of its magnetism. Take to the old-town of Kotor where its ancient walls offer a step back into a bygone era, or Perast, the small but charming town that feels totally unfound. Whether hiking its forestry, visiting a mountain monastery or simply enjoying the sundrenched allure of its scenic beaches, Montenegro is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Read's luxury destination guide for Montenegro at 

For Authentic Island Beauty-Antigua & Barbuda
Antigua & Barbuda offer the stripped-back island life so synonymous with Caribbean living. Dubbed 'The Beach is Just the Beginning', nothing could be truer for this rustic island gem where the beaches are truly incredible. However, there's more to these tantalizing twin islands. Anchoring up in its array of magnificent marinas welcome you to a yachting haven unprecedented, ziplining its lush island forestry thrusts you into the heart of nature, and  snorkeling its tropical waters, you can enjoy an underwater paradise in a thousand colours. There is nothing this blushing island paradise doesn't offer.  With its leaning palm trees and sun-baked landscapes, Antigua locals are as warm and inviting as the Antiguan sunshine. Read luxury destination guide for Antigua & Barbuda at

For a Pristine Escape- The Bahamas
Pristine in every way, the turquoise and electric blue backdrop of The Bahamas are nothing short of a dream. From its powder white sands and crystal waters to its luxury resorts, the region invites you to reside at waters-edge in a heavenly island utopia. Nothing about the Caribbean is short of perfection, and The Bahamas lives up to this reputation entirely. Think fresh local delicacies, picture-perfect beaches and private island escapes, all with a burgeoning portfolio of azure real estate retreats worth investing in. A place that's easy to fall in love with, it doesn't matter whether you're diving it's colourful reefs, swimming with dolphins, or marveling the pigs at Pig Beach, The Bahamas has so much to discover, perfect to reach (from almost anywhere!) and hard to leave. Read's luxury destination guide at