The Métiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements Collection by Vacheron Constantin

By Paul Joseph

Vacheron Constantin have created four new additions for its Métiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements collection, which launched two years ago.

Ten artisans have reinterpreted four traditional art forms – Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian manuscripts and French lacework – to create the new watches.

Each watch features a hand-engraved movement, the calibre ultra-thin 1003 in 18-karat gold, while on the back is a chamfered and hand-drawn finish that creates a refined look.

For the watch that uses Indian manuscript art, its makers employed Grand Feu champlevé enamelling and hand engraving techniques. It boasts a total of 85 round-cut diamonds and approximately 1.1 carats worth of diamonds. Other notable features include a deep purple strap echoing the colours used in the distinctive dial as well as the white gold case.

The model using French Lacework features a translucent hand-guilloché Grand Feu enamelled dial, an openworked 18-larat gold plate, a setting of 5 garnet-coloured sapphires and 48 round cut diamonds. The base of the gold dial possesses a guilloché motif while the scarlet colour of the sapphires is replicated in the alligator strap.

The Ottoman inspired watch is characterised by hand chamfering and a natural white mother-of-pearl base beneath a gold grid work studded with half-pearl beads. It also boasts a millegrain ring and 85 round-cut diamonds that comprise about 1.1 carats.

Finally, the Chinese embroidery watch uses a stone- cloisonné technique with jade. Its dial is sculpted from mother-of-pearl and features a pink opal shaped in accordance with the glyptic art and surrounded by hand engraved gold leaves and pistils. It has a pale pink strap and features a total of 145 round-cut diamonds adding up to around 1.2 carats with the jade and opal adding up to approximately 2.4 carats.

All of the watches are only available at Vacheron Constantin boutiques.

By Paul Joseph