The Ming by Stockinger: A Call System for the Superyacht Elite

By Paul Joseph

Stockinger’s reputation for flawless security has been built on its exquisite, customised safes, which have earned the eternal trust of high net-worth individuals the world over.

Now the German company has unveiled its latest contribution to the peace and mind of the global elite in the form of a state-of-the-art alert system that ensures personal assistance is only ever a discreet call away.

Called the Ming, the wireless call system is ideal for superyachts but can also be housed in residential properties, private island resorts, executive boardrooms, exclusive restaurants and other venues that demand the upmost in security.

It is used to subtly summon your security personnel, or in the case of a superyacht your captain or steward. It can even be programmed to include an emergency button that silently alerts security or a physician in the event of a medical emergency.

Much like all of Stockinger’s products, the Ming takes pride in its “Made in Germany label”, meshing beautiful design with flawless functionality.

It is available in a choice of chrome, 24-karat gold, rose gold, platinum, ruthenium or other platings, with various other customisable options available, including diamonds for the circle of lights around the button,  a range of natural leathers and special engravings such as a client’s initials, name, date of birth or logo.

While the Ming system incorporates the very latest technology, it is entirely intuitive to use. A short or long press is all that’s needed to send one of two distinct, pre-configured calls. Even though the system is mobile, it’s intelligent enough to always summon the steward/staff to the right place.

Furthermore, the discreet glow of the ring of LEDs circling the button confirms that a crew/staff member is already on the way.

For maximum compatibility, the Ming system communicates via WLAN as well as LAN, while also supporting Power over Ethernet. This allows for a fast and simple retrofit on practically any yacht or property without the need for additional wiring or antennae.

Additionally, the Ming can be seamlessly integrated in an existing yacht/property automation system, such as CRESTRON or AMX. This allows for call management using the yacht’s own crew touch panels based on ready-to-use software modules.

Installation is easy too, with a technical member of staff able to install a Ming system large enough to cater to the requirements of a 165-foot yacht or mansion in under 90 minutes, without the assistance of an external technician and even while at sea.

Other notable features include built-in rechargeable batteries, and an integrated Self-Check function that continually monitors the overall system and reports any anomalies.

For more information about the Ming, or any other Stockinger products, visit Additionally, if you have any personal security consulting needs, you can contact Stockinger’s CEO Matthias Fitzthum at [email protected].

By Paul Joseph