The MK1 Horn-Shaped Loudspeakers from Nida Audio

By Paul Joseph

US Audio makers Nida have created a new loudspeaker system boasting specially-designed horns to achieve optimum acoustic power.

Designed by Alex Martinov, the construction of the MK1 two-way active loudspeakers is based on the same principles as sound recording studio monitors, with a neutral timbre, low distortion, high dynamic range and wide sound dispersion.

Its front panels and horns are made out of exotic hardwood – available in a variety of colours, including light brown, red and black – with high stability and impeccable acoustic properties. The device has also been given a metallic cabinet with black glossy surfacing.

Inside there is a bi-amplified crossover with slopes of 24 dB for each octave, a 16-inch woofer coupled with 4-inch coils for lower frequency sound driving and an Alnico Motors and 1-inch compression driver with pure Berrylium diaphragm for higher frequencies, enabling the output of the sound to be magnified and controlled.

The MK1 speakers will be available to purchase next year, ranging from $75,000 to $80,000 depending on the amount of customization requested.

By Paul Joseph