The Most Desirable Companion on the High Seas

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Ulysse Nardin is a brand endlessly exceeding expectations with their cutting edge inventions and sophisticated Swiss craftsmanship. Established in 1846, the company began with a discovery in the rising demand for marine and pocket chronometers, and a vision to meet that need.

It’s no wonder then that Nardin timepieces created today still hold onto their navigational past, despite the demanding rise for quartz style watches.

With remarkable success after his purchase in 1983, Rolf W. Schnyder took horology to the next level, starting a revolutionary development that would lead the Swiss-born brand into new territory and advancement in watchmaking; characteristics that Ulyssee Nardin is still synonymous with in the world today.

Skip forward to present day and forging ahead in the design stakes, recently mastery from the in-house team comes in the shape of a brand new wrist-piece that encapsulates the brand’s maritime routes, bold innovation and that all-important mechanical advancement.

Each aspect of the recently launched Grand Deck Marine Tourbillion is exclusive and constructed with the upmost attention to detail.

From the hand-crafted wooden marquetry, representative of the ship’s deck, to the original time-telling device, crafted from super-strong nanowire that’s thinner than human-hair yet entirely indicative of the minutes, it’s clear to see how well the piece demonstrates the true unparalleled ability of Ulyssee Nardin.

With careful combination, Nardin have incorporate elements of the sea in this iconic wristwatch, signifying their presence on the ocean since the 19th century. The motor mirrors the mechanics behind a ship’s sails, where the minutes hand is replaced by a boom - the horizontal spar used to angle a head sail.

Working like the halyard cord that is used to hoist the sails of a ship, a wire pulls the boom across a graduated arc and well, you’ll have to watch through the back of the case to truly get a feel for this marine time masterpiece.

It comes as no surprise that the model is destined to perform well with wind in its sales. Not only is the while-gold wonder water-resistant to 100 meters, but also indicative of the high-end, luxury qualities that the watchmakers at Ulysse Nardin encapsulate effortlessly.

To get your hands on the Grand Deck Marine Tourbillion you’ll have to act fast, as it’s of course, a limited edition of only 18 pieces making it the most desirable companion on both land and high-sea.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman