The New ‘Lady 8’ Timepiece by Jacquet Droz

By Paul Joseph

Swiss luxury watchmaker Jacquet Droz has created a new timepiece inspired by the brand’s long-standing devotion to the figure ‘8’.

Staying loyal to the original design, the new Lady 8 is available in two variants – Ceramic and Red Gold/ Mother-Of-Pearl – and features a total of 48 diamonds of 0.53 karats.

The effects of volume and depth of the crown enhance the rounded shape of the case while the domed glass, the dial and the hands accentuate the watch’s three-dimensionality.

The figure 8, which Jacquet Droz regards as a symbol of “infinity” and “completeness”, has been a regular fixture on the brand’s watches for many years.

Lady 8 is also available in red gold and mother-of-pearl, according to a press release by its creators.

Founded in Switzerland in 1738, Jaquet Droz has grown to become one of the world’s most renowned watch companies.

By Paul Joseph