The Piper-Heidsieck Champagne – In Tantalising Fishnets

By P. Joseph

Illustrious champagne brand Piper-Heidsieck have collaborated with fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier to create a new design for its Champagne Cuvée Brut bottle.

Inspired by French can-can dance, the new bottle features latex and fishnets, and will be launched at a VIP dinner at the Cannes Film Festival in France tomorrow night.

It is the second collaboration between the flamboyant French fashion designer and the champagne house, with Gaultier first dressing the bottle in a red corset in 1999.

Mr Gaultier said: ‘This is the continuation of a beautiful story that started 12 years ago. I dressed that bottle of champagne with a red vinyl corset. I got to work with new materials and new shapes, to find new ways to express myself. I enjoyed it as it set new challenges for me.”

‘This time, I used Latex and fishnet tights, materials that always inspire me. It is like flesh dressed in fishnet. It is the seductive touch of the Parisian woman, but it’s also Paris canaille, Paris can-can.

“The red mask adds a touch of mystery and passion and leads us into a champagne universe.2

Available in high-end bars and restaurants, the drink is served in a black-tinted champagne Coupe with an ice bucket draped in a transparent fishnet.

Piper-Heidsieck was founded in Reims, France by Florens-Louis Heidsieck in 1785.

By P. Joseph