The Professional 3 VG Fleur Phone Concept by Mobiado

By Paul Joseph

Luxury phone makers Mobiado have revealed the Professional 3 VG Fleur, a new phone concept inspired by nature and with the idea of capturing the very substance of life.

Joining Mobiado’s extended collection of the Professional 3 VG series, the phone features an inlayed sapphire flower surrounded by ruby butterflies.

The Professional 3 VG Fleur frame is carved from solid aluminum, glass-bead blasted, and then finished with an anodizing coating. The heart of the Professional 3 VG Fleur is its battery cover inlayed with a sapphire daisy and gracefully encircled by five ruby butterflies. 

Large sapphire crystal plates are precision inset into the frame and the corners of the frame are reinforced with gold plated brackets and screws. The front of the phone is adorned with 21 ruby buttons.  The Professional 3 VG Fleur is a celebration of life and limited to 18 pieces.

The Professional 3 VG Fleur is unlocked and will work with any GSM network operator worldwide. It is equipped with a 2.4” QVGA display, expandable microSD memory, camera and video camera, web browser, Bluetooth 3.0, email support, and a music player.

Mobiado was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2004.

By Paul Joseph