The Real Demand for Contemporary Art in China

By Ben Roberts

Speaking with Veronika Holcová - the internationally renowned artist from the Czech Republic - it became apparent that the discussions surrounding Chinese art tastes and opinions go deeper than most may have thought.

Exhibiting at the China Rendez-Vous Private Gallery, the artist behind the intricate and delicately complex works of art on the stark white of the tent explained exactly why Chinese culture consumes and interprets art in a completely different way.

“It’s really difficult here," explains Veronika Holcová. "Chinese people have a different approach of how to look at art. They want to see something really realistic [...] people ask me often what it means, and I try to explain that you have to see, watch and then you can find what you want.”

Culturally, this classic consumer of art is slowly turning to contemporary. With artists such as Veronika introducing new works and educating consumers that interpretation relies on them, a new emotional view on contemporary art is slowly being unlocked.

For more information on the works of Veronika Helvoca and how such intricate images have taken her to the China Rendez-Vous to speak with aspiring collectors, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts