The Regal Titanium Phone by Gresso

By Paul Joseph

Luxury phone makers Gresso have unveiled a stunning new limited edition model featuring an exterior made from the ultra-strong and durable metal titanium.

Limited to just 333 pieces, the Regal Titanium phone boasts a case exterior built to withstand extreme loads, resist dents and twists, and avoid allergic reaction, discomfort and heaviness.

The phone’s complicated frame geometry case is executed from a whole solid titanium slab on high-accurate equipment. The keyboard is cut from the steel and polished by hand for a glossy effect.

It is not the first time that titanium has been used in the design of electrical consumer equipment. Previously we have seen the Leica M9 Titanium edition camera, the titanium iPhone cases by Brikk, and the Tag Heuer’s Monaco V4 Titanium watch, to name just a few.

Titanium is popular due to its distinctive silver hue, its lightness and its high resistance from corrosion, salt, moisture and sunlight.

Previous Gresso models to have grabbed headlines include the Gresso Grand Monaco limited edition phone, the Gresso Extreme X3, and the Gresso Avant-garde Grand Premiere phone

The new Regal Titanium phone by Gresso is available priced at £2,780 ($4,500).

By Paul Joseph