The Rising Demand for Sommeliers in China

By Ben Roberts

With a dedicated sommelier touring the world to find out about the most incredible wines and returning to educate the Chinese ultra-elite, Nose Wine School is bringing international high-culture to Asia’s wine lovers.

“We organise food and wine pairing events for wine lovers, and also we offer wine education for different people who like wines. We also sell these artisan fine wines,” explains Sean Lam, the Sales & Marketing Director of Nose Wine School.

“We specialise our wine in three countries, the French high antioxidant wines, the canary island from Spain which can produce the volcanic wines and the alpine wines from Italy. It takes a bit more time for people to digest the wine knowledge, they don’t really know what is going on in the rest of the world and how wine is being developed.”

Culturally, red wine in China is growing in popularity and assimilating itself into the culture thanks to the introduction of sommeliers and knowledge about the wider worlds of wine.

“The red should be more popular because Chinese people are fond of the Red colour and believe that it will bring them good fortune.”

Watch the full video above to discover more about the Nose Wine School and how the Chinese high-net-worth is growing in enthusiasm for both knowledge and curation of fine wines from around the world.

By Ben Roberts