The Seabreacher: A Wave-Breaking Watercraft

By B. Roberts

The Seabreacher X Watercraft is a superyacht toy from beneath the waves; allowing you to drive, dive and leap out of the water at some seriously impressive speeds.

The Seabreacher Watercraft range allows the owner to drive across the water at a high speed whilst piloting an aero-dynamically designed vessel, shaped just like a shark.

Custom-built for each client by her designers at Innespace, this groundbreaking watercraft gives the pilot the ability to dive 5 feet under the water and launch out from underneath the wake to gain some impressive air.

The Seabreacher Watercraft will carve through the wake at a speed of 40mph above the surface and offers the matched ability of reaching 20mph under the water; however, the Seabreacher X Watercraft, her leaner and meaner counterpart, allows the pilot to reach an astonishing top speed of 50mph on the water and 25mph under it.

Prices vary on each model, starting at $65,000 and reaching up to $85,000 for a high performance and heavily customized model.

All Seabreacher models are designed to operate in both sea water and fresh water, giving you the opportunity to visit any destination and deploy your secret weapon - speed, diving, barrel rolls, and the inevitably satisfying desire to to do it all again.

By B. Roberts