The Solpuri Lagoon Daybed Offers Style and Function

By P. Joseph

Outdoor furniture designers Solpuri have created a stylish and ergonomically shaped daybed that rotates to offer protection from the sun.

The Solpuri Lagoon daybed, which is priced at €3,998, is topped by a removable shade that gives users the option of lying in or out of the sun.

Designed by Klaus Nolting, the bed also features a modern round frame and plush mattress and is big enough to accommodate two people.

Weighing 55 pounds, it comes complete with awnings and LED lighting in a variety of colours, and a waterproof handmade deck made of polyethylene.

Meanwhile the furniture piece’s translucent base lights up from the inside, draping the surroundings in its glow at night time.

Based in Munich, Germany, Solpuri consists of a team of experienced furniture constructors and creative designers developing “timeless and purist furniture” for the open air.

By P. Joseph