The Versace Unique - Style in Communication

By B. Roberts

International fashion experts Versace have teamed up with ModeLabs Group to introduce the Versace Unique, the new mobile phone, which blends high fashion and technology.

The new device features a number of sophisticated and stylish options, including a front fascia constructed from either 316L grade stainless steel or an 18k yellow gold finish. The back body of the Versace Unique is made of handcrafted leather, featuring the renowned Versace Medusa logo.

In a blend of style and technology, the Versace Unique holds a sapphire crystal screen – the largest single piece of this state-of-the art material ever produced for the consumer market. The screen is reported to be impossible to scratch and extremely receptive, introducing a highly ergonomic touch screen interface.

Alongside its sleek appearance, the Versace Unique offers a 5 megapixel camera and recorder; a media player with Dolby surround sound; 3G and e-mail support. No pricing information has been released, but the phone will be available in Versace stores across the globe this year.

By B. Roberts