The World’s First Luxury Electric Yacht

By Paul Joseph

Back in June at the Cannes Boat Show, a father and son named Cor and Lodewyck Beghuys unveiled the fruits of their two-year project – a revolutionary vessel billed as the world’s first luxury electric yacht.

Named ‘Supiore Uno’, the yacht made serious waves amongst the gathered masses in Cannes thanks to its distinctive appearance and innovative technology.

Measuring 5.24-metres long, the Supiore Uno features an integrated and walkable foredeck fired up by solar cells, with a loading capacity of approximately 400 watts.

The vessel seats seven and includes a barbecue and cooler, chilled wine storage, LED lighting and state-of-the-art speakers. The top speed of the Supiore Uno is software limited to 20 kilometers per hour or 10 knots.

“The extremely quiet and efficient electric motor, which is controlled by our house designed microprocessor technology, provides an efficient and economical drive, both when sailing forward and when sailing in reverse,” said its creators.

“The range of the Supiore Uno is an admirable 6 hours at cruise speed. While you sail, the batteries will continue to charge constantly.”

The Supiore Uno was first unveiled at The Harbour Club in Amsterdam in June.

By Paul Joseph