The World’s Most Expensive Resort: All Yours for $100,000 Per Night

By Paul Joseph

A two-hour flight from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the Banwa Private Island Resort has rapidly became known as one of southeast Asia’s most luxurious vacation destinations.

Indeed, the resort also lays claim to being the most expensive in the world to rent out, at an incredible $100,000 per night for exclusive use of the island and its array of sumptuous facilities.

Located on the Palawan archipelago, the resort offers visitors 15 acres of private land with plush accommodation and a myriad of amenities including opportunities to swim, snorkel and laze by the pristine blue waters of the Sulu Sea.

The property can accommodate up to 48 guests at a time in in either one of six beach-front villas that come complete with a private Jacuzzi deck and an infinity pool, or the lush garden suites.

Each room is personally crafted by by Manosa & Co, in collaboration with MAP HK and Aquos Group and boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning vistas of the sea and the tropical landscapes around it.

Perhaps the highlight of the resort is its gastronomic offerings, with an onsite organic farm providing the freshest ingredients. The property also makes its own honey and provides custom-made meals recommended by an in-house nutritionist.

The entire resort can be booked for upward $100,000 per night ($2083 each if split between 48 guests) for a minimum stay of at least three to five nights, depending on the time of the year.

By Paul Joseph