The YEE - The New Flying Car Concept

By B. Roberts

With rapid advancements in technology and design, we have seen an increasing trend for futuristic and revolutionary concepts. Designers from China have embraced this by introducing a new and innovative flying car concept dubbed the YEE.

The YEE is an ideation of designers from the Department of Industrial Design in the School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering in China. Pan Jiazhi, Zhu Wenxi and Lai Zexin have conceptualized what could be a leap in lifestyle for modern city dwellers, winning the “Gold Award of Best Creative Future” at the First International Concept Car Design Contest, held in Beijing.

The ultra-futuristic car transforms into an aircraft when put into flight mode, transforming easily due to the ergonomic construction of the design. The two front wheels lift to become wings, with the rear wheels acting as propellers.

Lai Zexin stated: “What we design is a car easy to operate, which precisely satisfies the high-efficiency of the rapid pace of life; the intimate design and the use of new energy best embodies the contest theme: the harmonious coexistence of ‘people-car-nature.”

The car allows users to both drive and fly. There are also designs for a flight station with a solar ceiling, which works as a charging dock and a transit depot for take offs.

By B. Roberts